Preactor International is the world leader in production planning and scheduling software with more than 6,000 installations in 56 countries. Preactor’s unique combination of ease-of-use, flexibility and affordability  provides planners with a decision support tool that helps companies reach maximum agility in a fast moving, demand driven, make to order, lean environment.

Preactor’s sequencing engine provides additional functionality over and above your ERP system.  For example multiple constraints (e.g. machines, staff, tooling etc), attribute based sequencing (e.g. preferred sequencing and campaigning to minimise changeover times), complex, user definable scheduling rules and dependencies between orders.

Preactor helps planners see the current load, show the impact of new orders and unexpected events on capacity and delivery promises and provide a tool to test the options before decisions are made. It enables the planner to have the detail to manage the shop floor effectively.

Lean Scheduling International specializes in complex planning and scheduling solutions using Preactor and molding it to fit your business. There is no other product that is flexible enough to handle the complexities of the Make-To-Order manufacturer like Preactor does.

gantt chart

Preactor offers a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility and integration capability - plus you can expect to achieve huge financial advantages such as:

  • increase productivity25% increase in productivity

  • reduce wip50% reduction in work in process

  • increas on-time80% increase in on-time deliveries

  • reduce inventory50% reduction in inventories

  • With ROI measured in weeks

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